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Still Life
Simple Pleasures

Returning Home

Rerurning Home
City Mouse,
or a
Country Mouse?

Choice based Narrative


An architectural prognosis - click on each image to enlarge
Music by Bob Ehle
fractal cities

Returning Home ------ Installation 72" x 108", 18 minutes looped animation

Water Planet animated tour
View the content with a periscope
Music by Bob Ehle

" inserted into 9 assembled panels with related images. Music by Robert Ehle.

At first, this video, and the road traffic may seem lacking of any plot.
However, passing sights of cars, trucks, and road signs in a carwindow
catch our attention, trigger memories, and thus create in our minds a metaphor of adventure.

water Planet

Commuting takes away energy, but driving becomes something we often long for.
Sometimes we feel a call for the road, which becomes a part of our life:
to decode and analyze road culture, and delve into its constant action.












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