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Art Portfolio

Framed artworks and their moving images
Artwork that in it's final form is framed and presented in 2D along with time based form. Results from various processes such as screenprinting, multiple media, painting and digital printouts

Sculpture Gallery
Three dimensional, physical structures created from various materials
2D and 3D Programming Art Gallery
Often a starting point for exploration in the art process, these images are the output of various 2D and 3D programs. Although 3D applications still produce 2D images, the ability to rotate and move around the object provides a vastly increased set of artistic possibilities
Web Orchestral Project
An ongoing experiment in web-based interactive storytelling and display, this site explores various ways to showcase an orchestral sculpture series. Characters are introduced iconically through their stories

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Time-based Multimedia Projects
exploring media such as video, web, Powerpoint


Returning Home is an installation consisting of looped video animation inserted into 9 assembled panels with related images *Linked poems explore relationship of thoughts * Fractal Cities is an architectural prognosis * Water Planet is a trip with aperiscope*

Thematic Series
exploring various topic and science related concepts
* Occurences * Symmetry * The Cosmos * Visible Geometry * Nano Art
* Water * Energy *
Early Work
Artwork pre-dating digital output or work that is used to supplement the art and technology intersections in the early days of computing
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