Three Dimensional Art / Lake City
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I took my interest in the lakeside cities, such as Chicago or San Diego. For me, the images of skyscrapers mirrored in water appeared to be even stronger than the real images of the city.
A sky seems to be even more important when seen reflected in water. I tried to render mirrored image of the city on the picture laying on the floor.
The regular rhythm of the city architecture can be best rendered through the use of computer graphics.
The effect of distortion (created by water) reminds me of the regularity of both the structure of each separate building and the relationship between all of them, which make up a city.
Lake water gives the tired traveller seeking a rest a mirror image of a dream house or a deja vue experience coming from the similarity of urban settlements.
The computer is a perfect tool to find this connectiveness. By manipulating with it one can find that kind of illusion (by the use of pattern and texture).