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This work invites the audience to think of creativity as a form of collaborative synergy.

Music compositionsns and writings on Elements and Principles of Design in music by Toby Rush

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This work combines art, music stories with technology. Images of musicians in synthetic form are juxtaposed with some stories related to the lives of the orchestra members and people in music industry. It addresses the spatial extent of sculptures and time-based character of music.

A musician alone can only play solo. An integrated ensemble of soloist musicians, however, plays more of a “unified solo.” Additional dimension is being gained due to gathering the musicians.

This project results from cooperation with my colleagues and students, with their consent. The images interact with their thoughts, texts and music.The essence of the orchestra is described in terms of the elements and principles of design in art and music, and how they relate to other disciplines. Students' work come from Computer Art, Computer Graphics, Visual Thinking courses, as well as some collaborative efforts between Music and Visual Arts,co-taught with Dr. Bob Ehle and Computer Science co-taught with Dr. Terry Scott. One can find students’ art, statements, opinions, short verses, and limericks. We researched relationships between arts, literature, and technology. Dr. Robert Ehle, School of Music contributed with excerpts of his lectures and musical improvisations. Toby Rush contributed with his musical themes. Students' work is juxtaposed with the images of the musicians as a form of the online display. Dr. Terry Scott collaborated with some code based work done by the students.